Wesley Clover Solutions Announces Enhanced Directory Application for IP Turret and IP Traderphone

Enhanced Directory Application Allows for 296 Button Appearances per User for IP Voice Trading Platform

New York, NY – January 28, 2010   — Wesley Clover Solutions, a leading provider of IP voice communications platforms for financial trading firms and command and control centers, today announced the release of an Enhanced Directory Application for their IP Voice Trading Platform. The Enhanced Directory Application will increase the number of button appearances on the IP Turret to 296 and to 248 for the IP Traderphone. This triples the current number of button appearances available, significantly increasing a trader’s ability to connect to counterparties and customers with a single button press.

The Wesley Clover Solutions Voice Communications Platform (VCP) combines trading turret and industry-leading PBX functionality in a single system that significantly reduces the cost and complexity of deploying enterprise voice solutions while ensuring maximum reliability and resilience. In addition, the VCP offers an array of more than 500 standard features and IP applications for both traders and general office staff including unified communications, mobility, and integration with Microsoft OCS.

“This expansion of button capacity represents a major step forward for our platform, especially for users who want rapid access to hundreds of clients,” stated Chris Corridon, Senior Vice-President of Marketing for Wesley Clover Solutions. “This feature is being offered on all of our IP trading devices as well as IP Phones at various price points in line with our goal to give all trading floor staff access to the most advanced functionality and applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional turret solutions.”  

Corridon continued, “By offering more and more of the capacity and functionality of what users expect from a traditional turret in a scalable, converged IP platform, we believe that buying and supporting a separate turret system is no longer necessary for the vast majority of companies that use trading turrets. Our Enhanced Directory Application is another example of being able to give customers the capabilities they want in a much more convenient and cost-effective platform.”

For more information about Wesley Clover Solutions and their line of IP products and services designed for mission-critical voice environments please visit www.wesleycloversolutions.com  or e-mail info@wesleycloversolutions.com .

About Wesley Clover Solutions

Wesley Clover Solutions meets the growing demand from financial trading firms for expertise in managing the transition from legacy to next-generation IT solutions. Wesley Clover Solutions enables customers to realize the potential of new technologies while reducing risks, complexity and costs. Wesley Clover Solutions has deep domain expertise in mission-critical voice communications technology and experience installing and supporting real-time trading infrastructure.