The Industry’s Only Secure, Open
Architecture Voice Recording Solution
for Financial Trading Firms


Wesley Clover Solutions is helping customers transform their legacy voice recording platforms with a secure, open and scalable multimedia voice recording solution that dramatically reduces cost and streamlines day-to-day management of the voice recording environment. Wesley Clover Solutions has partnered with RedBox Recorders to offer the financial community a secure and accurate record of voice communications.

"The recording solution integrates with telephony systems from Cisco, Mitel and Avaya. It works with trading systems from leading vendors including BT, Etrali, IPC and IP Trade."


Quantify Recording Suite from Red Box helps financial organizations of all sizes comply with regulations promulgated by bodies including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which enforce voice and data recording for record-keeping. Such legislation is designed to help organizations improve operational transparency, deter market abuse and mitigate risk.

Easy to deploy and use yet highly secure and resilient, Quantify captures voice communications across your entire organization’s front, back and mid-offices. With it, recordings can easily be replayed and analyzed for fact verification, evidence gathering, trade reconstruction and investigation. It’s key to a smart and compliant organization.


Typical Voice Recording Topology

Highly connective

• With just one server, Quantify captures mixed communication types such as TDM, IP, VoIP, SIP, H323, and Micosoft Lync
• Integration with telephony systems from Cisco, Mitel and Avaya for wide connectivity
• Works with trading systems from leading vendors including BT, Etrali, IPC  and IP Trade
• Compatible with cloud-based inception services for on-premise storage of cell phone recordings


Secure and resilient

• Unique frame-based technology ensures highly efficient and secure preservation of data
• Call authentication proves recordings haven’t been tampered with
• Built in audit trail with system monitoring and alerting
• Supports parallel recording with automated failover for the highest levels of resilience
• Compatible with WORM-compliant NAS archiving solutions


Feature rich

• Individually licensable Quantify applications that work seamlessly together within one easy to use suite
• Quantify Search and Replay for capturing, retrieving and replaying calls
• Reconstruct events, place calls into litigation hold, and more



• Quantify’s secure browser-based interface is easy to use and can be accessed remotely
• On-premise turn-key, software-only and virtual (VMware, Citrix or Hyper-V) deployment options
• Highly scalable, up to 1000 concurrent channels per server deployment

Browser-Based GUI

The Red Box Smart Solution for Finance

Quantify AudioSearch


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