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The Industry’s Only Secure, Open Architecture Voice Recording Solution for Financial Trading Firms

Introducing The Next-Generation Approach

Wesley Clover Solutions is helping customers transform their legacy voice recording platforms with a secure, open and scalable multimedia voice recording solution that dramatically reduces cost and streamlines day-to-day management of the voice recording environment. Wesley Clover Solutions Voice Recording is the perfect solution for capturing, storing, retrieving and replaying voice and data interactions in either traditional TDM or VoIP environments irrespective of the physical location in the organization.

Wesley Clover Solutions Platform – Overview

Wesley Clover Solutions offers the first open and secure recording solution, designed to use industry standard hardware and software. This best-in-breed technology is being used by the world’s leading financial institutions, governmental and public safety organizations and call centers. By taking advantage of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and customer provided network storage devices, this future-proof solution provides unsurpassed security, flexibility and functionality while reducing a firm’s total cost of ownership.

Benefits include

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Open Platform Leverages IT Infrastructure
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Highly Scalable
  • Enhanced Security
  • Encrypted, Secure Audio
  • Unmatched Feature Set
  • Application Longevity
Item Description
Cost-Effective Runs on standard servers, storage platforms, leveraging existing IT infrastructure
Efficient Industry’s best compression technology maximizes storage and network resources
Flexible Interfaces with all leading turrets and PBX (TDM/VoIP)
Management Browser-based GUI for simple, fast search, replay and administration
Resilient Can be configured to ensure 100% uptime and be deployed "in-the-cloud”
Secure Access Enhanced password and system capabilities
Secure Encryption 256-bit Rijndael AES Audio Encryption, the highest security available
Tamper-Proof Unique digital signature verifies recording authenticity

Typical Voice Recording Topology


Powerful Applications Are All Standard

  • Free Seating
  • Time Sync
  • Speed Control
  • Call Annotation
  • Web-Based Live Monitoring
  • Loop Playback
  • SNMP Messaging and Email Alert
  • System Audit Trail Logs


Browser-Based GUI

Screen shot


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