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Advance your enterprise with presence-enabled unified communications, collaboration, and messaging in a single, scalable, IP-based platform.

Our all-in-one, voice interactive, multimedia communications platform is designed for office, trading, sales, support, command and control, emergency services, and power distribution communications. It delivers significant price vs. performance gains in reliability, resiliency, scalability, and functionality for users and IT teams. Also, it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain separate systems.

Built on Proven Functionality

This versatile platform combines a full-featured PBX with the advanced functionality of IP-based phone systems. It is built around the Mitel and Wesley Clover Solutions Crossover Series of IP office desktop devices for office and trading applications. It supports a wide range of trading devices, including:

It blends the instant communications capability of office phones and trading turrets with a comprehensive suite of enterprise voice applications:

  • Supports all standard phone, turret, and PBX features and functions
  • Scalable from several users to thousands
  • Supports all major signaling standards and types
  • Premise-based, hosted, or virtualized deployment options
  • Stand-alone or clustered topology
  • Converged network-enabled
  • LAN agnostic (supports VLAN)
  • Local or PoE power options
  • Secure, encrypted voice transmission
  • IP turrets and phones can run remotely over a broadband Internet or VPN connection

Engineered for Reliability and Flexibility

The heart of the platform is a scalable, high-availability, communications system that advances your enterprise goals in an inter-connected, IP-based environment. This communications solution can be deployed in distributed, centralized, or cloud configurations. And, it can be configured to support several users to thousands of users for a variety of applications:

  • Virtualized, in-the-cloud deployments serving multiple trading locations
  • Mixed trading floor environments with many types of users
  • Branch offices of larger trading companies that prefer a single platform to serve all branch staff
  • Multi-location trading firms that need an integrated voice communications environment
  • Disaster Recovery hot sites
  • Mobile, or remote, home-based staff

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Proven technology Proven IP architecture for converged communications
Reduced system footprint with increased processing power
Multi-site support Satellite offices can be securely connected to the hub
Flexible configurations Premise, VMware®-based or in-the-cloud options with clustering
Integrates with MPLS and end points are broadband enabled
LAN-agnostic, VLAN-enabled
Multiple deployment options Fully integrated single system of office and trading phones
Stand-alone trading turret system connects to another PBX
PBX connects to a turret system
Cloud-based hosting
Traders and staff can access lines from anywhere at any time (including ring downs)
Simple administration Software-based system simplifies upgrades, moves, adds changes
Programming changes can be performed by an office or IT administrator or remotely by technicians with no waiting for costly technician visits
Low costs Eliminates need for systems in every location
Reduces per position costs significantly
Reduces life cycle ownership costs
Scalability Scalable from several users to thousands of users
High resiliency IP architecture enables flexible deployment and survivability
All phones can work securely on broadband networks with QoS
Comprehensive support 24 x 7 x 365 support
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