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Until now, financial trading firms pursuing a hosted solution have had no other choice than to deal with two separate voice systems: a trading turret system for their traders and a unified communication platform for their office and support personnel.

Wesley Clover Solutions has partnered with VOIP Networks, a leading provider of Mitel-powered unified communications solutions, to introduce the first all-in-one cloud-based solution specifically designed for financial firms. The combined solution offers industry-leading trading turrets and a powerful range of office phones and soft endpoints. Based on the Mitel platform, this integrated system offers capabilities like line sharing and bridging, intercom, voicemail, call twinning, Hoot & Holler, and voice recording.

“VOIP Networks is an experienced communications provider, positioned very well to help new and existing customers transition to cloud and hybrid cloud solutions,” said Terry Matthews, chairman of Wesley Clover International Corporation. “This new level of partnership with Wesley Clover will enhance that position further. We look forward to continuing our long relationship with VOIP Networks and together meeting the evolving needs of financial services customers.”

To learn more about the new cloud-based system and its capabilities, please contact Al Pigliacelli at (212) 561-1327

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