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Give your traders a competitive edge and increase productivity with integrated, interactive multimedia communications on our Crossover Series of IP desktop platforms and Eclipse IP Series Desktop devices:

  • IP Phones
  • IP Trader Phone
  • IP Trading Turret
  • XP-22 Lite Trading Turret
  • VTAP Eight Channel Speaker
  • Eclipse Series Desktop Devices

IP Series Desktop Devices

This full-featured, modular platform offers the ultimate integration of unified communication for the financial trading industry, command and control industries and emergency services. It is the only platform that supports both office and trading applications in one integrated communications system.

Optimize Workflow

IP Series Desktops eliminate the need for legacy turrets and multiple devices on each desktop. It streamlines workflow and increases efficiency by placing office, trading, sales, support, and command and control applications at your fingertips.

Eclipse IP Series Desktop Devices

Configure a custom solution with the versatile, stand-alone office and trading command module and key modules. The Eclipse is available in single or dual handset configurations. It gives users instant access to real-time voice, video, and data communications when they need it.

Combine the command module with one or two key modules to create a complete interactive communications center.

Rely on a Proven Operating Environment

Regardless of the configuration, your Eclipse platform will always be there when you need it.

Eclipse IP Series Desktops run on a custom implementation of the Android operating system, which has been optimized to ensure application integrity and operational security.

All Eclipse platforms are enabled by the Eclipse Application Server (EAS), which provides telecommunications managers with full control of connectivity, enablement, management, and administration functions. The EAS operates on either industry standard servers (ISS) or in VMware® environments and is designed to scale to meet current and future IP voice requirements for office and trading, command and control, or emergency services applications. Desktop systems register to the server using the popular open standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

And to ensure users have access to communications at all times, Eclipse desktops are equipped with primary and secondary backup capabilities built on three levels of physical redundancy, with two Gigabit Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi.

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