The all-in-one platform trusted by traders and financial firms around the world

Eclipse Cloud is the industry first all-in-one communications system designed specifically to address the needs of any modern workplace and the requirements of a financial trading environment.

Connect anywhere with Eclipse Cloud

The offering includes powerful hard or soft Eclipse trader turrets with flexible configuration options and the most compact, portable design available on the market. Subscribe to our Eclipse Cloud service and start trading from the office or from anywhere. The Eclipse trading communications system is also available for on-premises or private cloud deployments if this is your preference.

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Business communications with a single voice platform for your office, trading, mobility, and recording needs using on-premises or in the cloud

Work From Anywhere Capabilities

Take your turret on the go. Work from home or anywhere remotely needing only an internet connection.

Call Twinning

Answer your office extension from your mobile phone with the ability to have call recording if required.

Call History

Access to the call history of any line including personal extension, main service lines, ring-downs, and more.

Recording Options

Have your lines, ring-downs, and speaker channels recorded and archived with additional options.

Hard and Soft Keys

Choose how to interact with your keys with tactile hard keys, touch screen soft keys, or both options at once.

Shift and Group Keys

Organize and see more contacts, lines, features, or speed dials all on a single page.

Global Service

Our team and local partners provide the services you need and ensure your business continuity, globally.

Smart Device Functionality

Use touch screen navigation, contact avatars for easy line recognition, and more personal device features.

Speakers and Intercom

Support for Hoot-n-Holler, TV/Radio audio, ARDs, MRDs, and dial tone with no dedicated hardware required.

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