Eclipse Soft Client in a laptop

Move your turret to your PC

The Eclipse Soft Turret mirrors the Eclipse desktop device on a PC or laptop. Nothing needs to be installed as the soft turret uses WebRTC available through a web browser.

Use the same user profile as your physical device, with no training needed.

Eclipse Soft Client in a desktop

Easy to use – just point, click and call

Interact with a digital Command and/or Key module that maintains your physical device configurations, keys, and feature layouts. Bluetooth or USB headset are support as well as the PC internal or external speakers and microphones.

The Eclipse Soft Turret can support touch screen functionality, and traditional inputs such as mouse and keyboard.

Eclipse Soft Client in a desktop and a laptop

No physical device, no problem

Use a soft turret as a stand-alone solution. With over 500 programmable keys and 16 speaker channels the Eclipse soft turret can support office and trading, command and control, and emergency services communications requirements in one integrated system.

Read the Eclipse Soft Client Solution Sheet

Eclipse Soft Turret Highlights

No Hardware or Software to Install

Bluetooth and USB Headset Support

WebRTC enabled through browser

Supports 16 Speaker Channels

Supports PSTN, ARD, and MRD

Over 500 programmable keys

Multiple lines on a Single Key

Interact with Touch-Enabled Devices

Call Twinning

Internal/External speaker compatibility

Split audio for listening functionality

Call and Speaker Recording

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