Feature-rich mobile trading, and smart phone functionality in one device

The Eclipse Trading turret combines the functionality of traditional turret systems, the ease of use of desktop phones, and the latest touch screen technologies into one streamlined, cost-effective package.

Customizable setups and programmable functions for your personalized needs

Combined with up to two powerful Key Modules, the Eclipse trading system platform is the only platform that can support office and trading, command and control, and emergency services communications requirements in one integrated system.

Work from anywhere with full mobility. Connect from anywhere over the internet

With the Eclipse Turret unique size and design, it is the only turret that you can fold, take on the road and plug & play over the internet.

The Eclipse system measures at 9”h x 6”w and weighs less than 5lbs.

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Eclipse Trading Turret Highlights

One Touch Intercom

16 Speaker Channels

Single/Dual Handset Configuration

Call Twinning

ARD / MRD / Hoot n Holler

Video Camera

Coverage and Share Line Appearances

TV/Radio Audio

Hard or Soft Keys

Call and Speaker Recording

PSTN Pinning

Private Lines

Up to 960 Programmable Keys

Multiple lines on a Single Key

Business and Private Speed Dials

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