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Our Voice Trading Applications Platform (VTAP) is an end-to-end, SIP-based, integrated hard speaker solution that enables instant, always-on communications for financial traders, as well as command and control environments. It can be a stand-alone speaker system or fully integrated with the Crossover Trading Devices.

This flexible, secure platform enables traders to communicate in real-time with colleagues while monitoring multiple audio sources, such as ring-down and hoot ‘n holler circuits, morning call commentaries, analysis and financial news. Its “touch of a button” design ensures users have access to the right data and can react and communicate effortlessly during each and every transaction.

Designed for Ease of Use

The VTAP solution architecture comprises a hard speaker module, a high-availability server with a proprietary SIP stack, and an administrative GUI.

Our seamless design and licensing process makes it cost-effective and easy to deploy. A centralized administrative interface allows IT staff to easily manage program changes.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Eight channel capacity Users can mix/match audio sources, ringdown & hoot ‘n holler circuits
Integrates with WCS Turret Solution Can operate with Crossover IP Turret, Traderphone, or as a stand-alone solution
Dynamic activity display Channel status viewable in a simple LCD interface
Hot desking Traders can log on from any device and access their individual lines
Administrative GUI Support staff can assign speaker channels and sources dynamically
Line interface types Supports ARD, MRD, dial-tone lines, hoot circuits, and TV audio
Individual control interface Users can easily mute, selective broadcast, or initiate an all-call
Flexible broadcast Users can communicate via handset, headset or gooseneck microphone
Talk group Users can communicate to multiple channels with a single button
Tap to talk microphone Talk exclusively to a single channel by quickly latching a microphone
Recording Supports per user or per channel recording options
Multiple region support User profiles are configurable to support US and international standards
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