Wesley Clover Solutions and Engfur announce partnership in China

Engfur, a leading turret provider based in Beijing, China, has partnered with Wesley Clover Solutions to sell and install the Eclipse trading turret to market leaders in China. Kate Wang says “we are delighted to offer the Eclipse trading turret to market leaders in China.  Our partnership allows us to offer our customers the Eclipse System (Cloud and Premise-based) from Wesley Clover Solutions, providing traders with a purpose-built, mobile trading turret and smart phone in one device.  The remote worker capability, combined with the full featured trading functions, make the Eclipse a powerful tool for traders.”

Olle Cederberg, CEO of Wesley Clover Solutions, says “I am pleased with the partnership with Engfur. As we intensify our expansion in Asia, Engfur will play an important role. Kate and her team have successfully served trading firms in the region for many years, and together we are well positioned to accelerate business in China”.


About Engfur

Engfur is located in Beijing, China's capital.  Engfur focuses on integrated solutions for financial trading rooms, providing specialized equipment and services for banks and securities companies


About Wesley Clover Solutions

Wesley Clover Solutions delivers advanced communications systems for financial trading organizations, global enterprises, and command and control centers. We help our customers to transition from legacy to next generation voice communications solutions, to realize the potential of new technologies, while reducing risk, complexity, and cost.


For more information contact:

Kate Wang, +86-010-65009007/ kate.wang@engfur.com

Al Pigliacelli, +1-212-561-1327 / al_pigliacelli@wesleycloversolutions.com